Welcome to OurBar

OurBar serves lovingly crafted, homemade and affordable food designed to pair with beer and wine. We source as much of our meat, produce and dairy from local farmers as possible and will frequently change our menu to embrace seasonal availability.

We chose the name OurBar because we want people to feel a sense of ownership and pride as they make OurBar their favorite neighborhood spot. We believe that the term bar means more than just a place to drink; it is a community gathering place.

As part of OurBar’s commitment to community growth our conversations with local farmers will shift from “What can you grow for us?” to “What do you grow best?”. This farmer-driven approach allows us to showcase and support the community in a new way, bringing the conversation of sustainable dining practices to the table.

The city of Washougal is experiencing a renaissance and local developers are working hard to help downtown grow both sustainably and ecologically. Our goal is to grow with the town, becoming a fixture and a catalyst for further community prosperity.

We look forward to serving you, cheers!

Alex & Kevin

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